Thursday, August 4, 2011

Otakon: Day 1

So Friday started off really crazy for me! I was debuting my new cosplay of Scarlet Kiss from Star driver! After getting all the pieces on it was time for our group to head out for an early morning photoshoot! However it was about 100 degrees and the shoot was outside! D= After complications the shoot began and I was already sweating and felt awful! Near the end of the shoot as I was taking a picture with Justin(our Takuto) my heart started pounding like crazy and I felt really dizy - I ended up almost fainting/having a heat stroke!! Luckily my friends took care of me and threw water on top of me - and then we all joked that Justin was just to beautiful to look directly at.
Above is a preview shot! Totally worth it!

After the shoot I only ended up wearing the costume for about 20 minutes more, in the con, because I felt kinda sick still. I changed into Kida and started my shift at the Aniplex booth!

I was helping with the DRRR Stamp Rally and promoting! Thanks everyone who stopped by and participated!

After work I got some quick food with Nicole before meeting with Skylar of Candy Threads who I was modeling for in the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show! I ended up wearing a sweet coordinate and twinning down the runway! For some reason even though my personal style is not sweet I always end up modeling it!! XD

I hope to see more pictures soon! Skylar is an awesome designer/seamstress and everyone looked so lovely! Even Sakurai-san stopped by backstage after the show to take pictures of her work!

As if my day wasn't long enough - I had one more costume after the show! Naoto from Persona 4! I dressed up in one of her casual outfits to match Dojima, Adachi, and Souji as men out on the town! We went to the midnight Persona shoot and goofed off with our empty beer can props we took from a friend XD

We did a photoshoot with a friend and it ended with Adachi and Dojima in the downtown fountain fully clothed XD Oh my friends....

I will post more pictures from each event/shoot when I get more! Otakon Day 2 coming next!