Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Washignton DC ~ Part 2

On Sunday George took me to the National Zoo!

I went there a few years ago and fell in love with the Red Pandas there. I had always had a soft spot for them but never quite had a lasting impression, most likely since it was a very long time before that when I had visited a zoo.
So ever since then Red Pandas had become my favorite animals! (Well alongside bunnies!) And I've made sure to go to a few Zoos to meet many of them!

These two in DC were so cute!!!

And here's a ferret that came out to play with us~!

Washington DC ~ Part 1

This past weekend I took a little trip to DC!
I got to visit my friend George and check out some of the sights!

On Saturday we went to the National Mall and checked out the Air and Space Museum! The last time I went I was a kid so it was very meaningful to me. It's a great museum and I highly recommend it! I especially loved the picture collection and the exhibit about how public flights changed over the years, from uniforms to amenities to furnishing!

We faced the cold and walked down the mall to the Washington Monument which was beautiful in the setting sun. By the time we reached the Lincoln Memorial it was dark! The monuments were so pretty at night!

Monday, January 24, 2011

SexPot New Stock!

Here I show off the new SexPot Revenge items at Tokyo Rebel!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

A new year a new start!

Well...not completely. I would never want to start my life fresh. Despite the attraction a clean slate brings I would never want to erase the memories, good and bad, that helped build me to who I am today. While I've had a tough year I've also had the best friends, the greatest times, the funniest laughs, and lots of new experiences!

I wasn't going to have a resolution this year, because stating it just for New Years is silly, I should want to do these things anyway. So after thinking
here is what I came up with:
- Procrastinate less
- Give my all to school and the upcoming exhibit
- Don't be afraid to be myself! Be outspoken!
- Keep up my Japanese
- Go back to Japan in Summer!
- Learn some more makeup tricks

To start this year off with a bang I got all dolled up for work New Years Day!

Nicole's Fantasic Dolly and Sheryl wig! I felt so adorable haha I'm not usually girly but I couldn't resist!

Happy New Year everyone! Give this one your all!