Sunday, February 27, 2011

YuGiOh 3D!!!

Ah! Me and Justin saw YugiOh 3D in Times Square today!!

So for the 10th anniversary of Yugioh they made an hour special of the three protagonists meet and join forces!!! Justin noticed it was a special showing in select theaters. In NY it was only 12:45 today and yesterday and then next Sat and Sunday the same time! We decided we HAD to go because....CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES RULE. The movie was actually sold out and we barely got in and the theater was packed to capacity with everyone like our age and older! It was crazy and lulzy and I'm pretty sure the few families with kids who did attend were completely scared and confused by the crowd.

If you missed out it's playing again this weekend!
Check more info in this video!

Invitation from Yugioh:The Abridged Series:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lady Gaga Monster Ball

Tuesday I had the greatest spontaneous thing ever happen....I went to the Lady Gaga concert at Madison Square Garden!

Awful phone quality pic I need to upload my camera still!!!

Lady Gaga is very inspirational to me. Her visions, fashion, lyrics, just everything about her consumes me. I saw her about a year ago now at Radio City Music Hall with Ashley last year and it was an emotional experience.
I had talked with people about trying to go but it seemed hopeless to get tickets at a decent price. Then on Monday night Alyssa found that ticketmaster released more tickets! We ended up getting a good price for tickets on the side second tier! The seats were definitely worth it and we had a good view! We even got to see stuff backstage like Gaga gettign ready before the show and hugging all her dancers and stuff!

Here's a picture taken from the Virgin Mobile booth of me!

I can't even descirbe all the emotions I felt ahhhh so good

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Our Bulletin board at Tokyo Rebel is very full with new photos right now!

I wore Putumayo to work yesterday! It's from our new shipment!