Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Sunday I helped film with Mario for the Aniplex promotion of Durarara. I cosplayed Kida, and did a little sketch to announce the english voice actor. Video should be up some time next month I believe at the Aniplex website/Youtube stream. I'm also helping promote Durarara again at NYAF, again as Kida, and will be doing a scavenger hunt event! Check out the Aniplex both if you're going!

DSCF8346.jpg picture by Lonely_Warrior
Kida, Anri, Mikado!

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And on Monday draped some pants derp ^
Very basic, now I need to make creative ones for next class.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday at work I did a lot of cleaning. I also shipped out some orders!

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Also we filmed a little video about the store! I looked a bit silly but hopefully it's not too bad haha. Got visited by some fun people too!

My outfit:



After work had a Ghost Adventures marathon at home~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesterday I went out for my friend Nicole's birthday! I got tohang with a lot of my friends so it was exciting! We went to Madeline's on 23rd, which is a Macaroon cafe!

I've been to only two here in the city before but Madeline's is definitely the place to go! It's really cute, with a seating area filled with antique furniture, and the macaroons are really flavorful and fresh!


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We went to Flushing and took Purikura. Somehow we fit 9 people into the booth for a set!

For dinner we went to Oh Taisho! at St Marks and got Nicole a cake! It was a really great party!

And my outfittt:

With my new harem pants from SexPot Revenge! 8D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Today at work I walked in to a new shipment of SexPot Revenge!
Such a good surprise!

Stocked all of that and put out some new Innocent World too. The store is looking fuller!

I got visited by a bunch of people and the store was busier in general today. Nicole bought the last Fatasic Dolly dress we had as well. My SexPot Harem pants came in and I also ended up getting the shirt above on the right! Also got SexPot tshirts in XL sizes now so Jeff grabbed one up and wore it right away!

Kate and Sandra picked me up after work and we got yogurt and groceries then went home where I learned to make Ramen! Even if it was simple I was proud!

And my outfit:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Purikura of the school year!

On Saturday I went to Kinokuniya with Kate and Sandra! Got some yummy food from Cafe Zaiya then Justin met up with us! We stopped by PoptartWorld and were very disappointed. It was just a store selling poptarts! I thought it'd be more exciting.....maybe I was just expecting like a theme park XD;;;; Anyway was boring and had bad samples so we left. Headed over to Flushing where we played some YGO and then Purikura!

We took one together as a group then split off into pairs for another round! I have to scan the group ones we took still but my scanner keeps freezing and is a pain >_>;;

We had Shabushabu for dinner and it was delicious! Justin came back to our dorm after and we watched part of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory =D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Today was my first day working at Tokyo Rebel! We're a store that specializes in Japanese street fashion, particularly Lolita and Punk clothing. We sell brands like Angelic Pretty, SexPot Revenge, and Putumayo and we're located in the East Village on Avenue B!

I got hired over the summer and finally got to start. The store's only been open for about a year and I soon became a regular to it.

I worked a 12:30 to 8 shift and it was a pretty slow day. Even so I had fun! I inventoried the whole store and got to put on my ipod. Felt really at home and actually enjoyed the work. I'm excited for this job.

Jeff also wrote up a blog post about me on the shop's blog! Check it out!