Friday, February 25, 2011

Lady Gaga Monster Ball

Tuesday I had the greatest spontaneous thing ever happen....I went to the Lady Gaga concert at Madison Square Garden!

Awful phone quality pic I need to upload my camera still!!!

Lady Gaga is very inspirational to me. Her visions, fashion, lyrics, just everything about her consumes me. I saw her about a year ago now at Radio City Music Hall with Ashley last year and it was an emotional experience.
I had talked with people about trying to go but it seemed hopeless to get tickets at a decent price. Then on Monday night Alyssa found that ticketmaster released more tickets! We ended up getting a good price for tickets on the side second tier! The seats were definitely worth it and we had a good view! We even got to see stuff backstage like Gaga gettign ready before the show and hugging all her dancers and stuff!

Here's a picture taken from the Virgin Mobile booth of me!

I can't even descirbe all the emotions I felt ahhhh so good

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