Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thierry Mugler Womenswear Autumn/Winter)

The recent Mugler show yesterday was amazing! As a fashion student, artist, and Gaga fan this video makes me so happy.

Intwined in the show's soundtrack is a preview to Gaga's new song 'Government Hooker'. She herself makes an appearance in the show as a model. However that is not the main attraction in this piece of art. Mugler(now run by Nicole Formechetti) has a new modern direction that I love. The house has been known for their shows and this one is no exception I absolutely LOVE it.

To me Fashion is Art. When I design a collection I think of the big picture - mood, customer, setting - I paint a big canvas, a whole world. I really love when designers open up and put on a show. It's really inspiring to be, and just enjoyable, to see a show that goes all out like this. It's really a masterpiece.

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