Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AAS Exhibit

The judging for the 4th semester AAS exhibition at school was today for my class! I was so nervous but I ended up getting in which was a huge stress reliever. Only half the class got in so I'm proud of myself for working so hard and making it in. I really can see myself growing as a designer.

As stated before the theme was Film Noir/Femme Fatale. It had to be museum quality and something special.

My design was based off the strong willed women of 1940/50s Film Noirs. A seductress/showgirl who isn't afraid to play dirty to get what she wants but not degrade herself. Also tried mixing hard a soft elements with materials and themes, and mix modern and past elements of Femme Fatale. For instance the leather adds a dominatrix modern feel yet the fur shrug(fake!) is reminiscent of the glamourous ladies of the 1940s movies. I could go on forever about it but you get the idea haha

Don't have a great picture up yet but this is a preview from my phone for now! =)