Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Phone Deco!

So a project I've wanted to do for awhile was Deco out my cellphone! I decided to buy a prepackaged Dekoden kit from Tokyo Rebel instead of random assortments of jewels and other decorations. This seems best for a first time big project!
Instead of putting the pieces right on my phone I decided to decorate a phone case so that I could switch if I wanted to. This was also to protect the phone!
The kit had all the little pieces in a bag so I just took them out and moved
pieces around trying to figure out some kind of pattern. After getting a general idea I glued down the outside border of gems and then the big pieces. I filled in around them randomly trying to not run out. I almost did it was close! The other tricky part was I kept using too much glue making my pieces slide!
It was kind of a scary process but I had fun and now have a general idea of what to do!

Here's the finished project:

I can't wait to Deco out more things!!

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