Tuesday, June 7, 2011

International Lolita Day

I took part in International Lolita Day this past Saturday! Very unexpected from me I feel!

I did a panel at Kinokuniya with my coworker Megan about our store Tokyo Rebel. It’s rare I dress all up in Lolita(though it seems more often lately due to events!) because I don’t always feel comfortable with myself in it but once in a while it’s really fun to dress up. I think working at a store that sells Lolita definitely makes me wear the style a bit more than I would on my own. It's not a good or bad thing really! It's just how it is.

I wore Alice and the Pirate’s Versailles dress(which was my first dress and dream dress) and I’ve finally got to use Laura’s fur little wrap =)

^ Photo by Andrew Wong of conpics.ws!

I enjoyed myself and had fun mingling with familiar faces and new ones!

Working harddd

Me and Megan!

I then finished off the day by going to Flushing with Ashley for Purikura!!

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