Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24th

Today I graduated with my AAS Degree in Fashion Design!

Whooo! I have a degree!!
However I'm not done my education yet! At FIT all majors(to my knowledge anyway) are spit up into two parts, Associates and Bachelors. After getting your Associates you can continue on to your Bachelors but you have to reapply! In my case my GPA was high enough that I didn't need to send a new portfolio and I was easily accepted to Upper Division! Some majors are only Associates and some only Bachelors and therefor you might take an Associates in one thing(like Communication Design) and later for Upper Division get a Bachelors in another(like Toy Design). Confusing? A bit maybe, but it makes sense once you're here.

I'll be continuing on to get my Bachelors in Fashion Design(2 more years of school!) so I'm not done completely yet! In these next two years I'll be learning more specialized tricks of the trade!

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