Thursday, May 5, 2011

Item Spotlight!

Hey everyone!

This week at work I promoted an item in the store as my "pick"!
Me and Megan both do this every other week or so!

I choose the SEX POT ReVeNGe SKULL GOING DAMAGE custom cutsew! It comes in both black and white but my favorite is the white color! I really like the use of white in punk/rock coordinates! And the contrast of the shirt to the image on it really stand out!

It's a custom cutsew so it's cut up in spots and is oversprayed randomly! There's a hood which overlaps in the front to give a draped cowl effect.

Also here was my outfit for work! I'm wearing my new 'Brash Funny Big Cutsew' from SexPot's Spring line!

Sweatshirt/Shirt/Necklace/Bag - SexPot ReVeNGe
Pants - Tripp NYC
Shoes - Old off brand boots I dug up!

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