Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Sunday I helped film with Mario for the Aniplex promotion of Durarara. I cosplayed Kida, and did a little sketch to announce the english voice actor. Video should be up some time next month I believe at the Aniplex website/Youtube stream. I'm also helping promote Durarara again at NYAF, again as Kida, and will be doing a scavenger hunt event! Check out the Aniplex both if you're going!

DSCF8346.jpg picture by Lonely_Warrior
Kida, Anri, Mikado!

DSCF8348.jpg picture by Lonely_Warrior


DSCF8356.jpg picture by Lonely_Warrior

And on Monday draped some pants derp ^
Very basic, now I need to make creative ones for next class.

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