Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crazy Fridayyyy

Yesterday was so yucky at first. The rain was awful to commute in for work.

It got better though when I was visited by Laura! She brought me a yummy Salmon bento and a Green Tea Frap from Zaiya when she got off work there! She also brought me one of her Gloomys as a gift~


I was working with Masayo which was really nice! She even brought me back cookies when she came back from taking care of stuff!
We had a lot of business and sold both outfits that were displayed in the front windows. Since we didn't have an extra of one dress I got to dress up a mannequin for the window.

Simple Angelic Pretty Ensemble ^
Laura hung around for awhile and then I was visited by a group of my friends who invited me to go out after work.

After work I headed over to Jenni and Laura's apartment and also got to see Nicole, Mario, and Justin there! Justin and Laura were bleaching their hair while I became a Bear in a pile of Bears.

We played Apples to Apples, blasted Vocaloid and Gaga, drank lots of drinks, and had a fun time! Left with Justin at like 1:30 or so

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