Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FIT Lolita Tea Party

Tonight was the Lolita Tea Party event hosted by my school to celebrate the Japanese Now museum exhibit. I was asked to model Hangry and Angry clothes for Gashicon at the event. So at 3 I met up with Youko(a model I've worked with before) at the lobby of the hotel. Gashicon, Masa, and Yaz met up with us there to get ready and such. We headed to the event a bit later and got into our outfits. It was nice just hanging with everyone, though I wish my Japanese was better. Need to learn more fast!

For the event it was a simple walk on to show off the outfits and explain Gashicon's concepts. I was dressed as "Angry".

After the show we mingled around the party. Got our pictures taken and talked to people about the brand and stuff. I got to see a lot of friends and fa
miliar faces which was nice!
Tokyo Rebel also spoke at the event and had a table too!
The event was decorated really nicely! And the sweets were so cute! Also Hangry and Angry cookiesss!

And one quick photo I was tagged in so far:

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