Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golden Bomber

So I was sent a video back in August while I was away on vacation from a friend. It was a PV shown to her by our friend from Japan who was visiting. She exclaimed "VISUAL KEI" as she showed it, knowing we liked the genre. It was "Memeshikute" by the band Golden Bomber and it brightened my day in an instance. This band while being 'visual kei' has some humor to them, they can doll themselves up, sing about being unmanly, and dance around with pompoms with over the top expressions. I looked into the band a bit more and found I really liked their sound! If you're in need of something new to listen to, or watch for a laugh I highly recommend this band! They're full of energy and fun! I'm still pretty new to them myself but I can say they're highly amusing videos and fun sound is worth checking out!

Memeshikute PV

Their new PV that just came out: Mata Kimi ni Bango

And the Dance alternate version:


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